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What is Sukshma Vyayama ?

Maharishi Kartikeya
Dhirendra Brahmachari
Reinhard Gammenthaler

Sukshma Vyayama comes from the traditional Yoga of Energy and was first published by Dhirendra Brahmachari in the book „Yoga Helps Heal“: „These exercises are designed to not only develop the muscles that could be achieved through all physical exercises, but also At the same time it also strengthens the skeleton and exerts a significant influence on the unintentionally controllable organs, such as the digestive and nervous systems and the endocrine glands.Pranayama, ie breath control, occupies a very important place in this cycle The whole series of yoga exercises with the asanas and pranayamas should bring both under complete control, but this is the essential prerequisite for mental development.The exercises can prevent and cure diseases, but their real value is that s He gives constructive health in the form of rising energy and increasing well-being, which is impossible for any medical procedure. I hope that this work contributes to the health and well-being of men and women in all parts of the world. „(Slightly shortened version from the book:“ Yoga Helps Heal „by Dhirendra Brahmachari)


We live in challenging times. How do you draw strength for it? I have found simple solutions that are suitable for all people – regardless of your age and physical condition. You will learn on this page how to use simple yoga techniques to gain more energy for your health, your everyday life and your top performance. Take a look around and get in touch with me – I’m looking forward to seeing you! Your Stefan Grothe

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morning exercise

The perfect start into the day: after forced breathing exercises (bellows method), various stance variations are practiced to distribute the generated energy throughout the body. So be prepared the following simple exercises, more intense and more noticeable. This yoga class lasts 57 minutes and concludes with a musical end-relaxation.

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 57min

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 51min

morning exercise 2


As in the previous videos, exercises for the cleaning of the respiratory tract and brain performance are started. (light a light in the head) Especially good for concentration, memory, mental / willpower and development of the intellect. The endocrine glands in the head and neck are pleasantly stimulated. You are then full of energy and attentive.

back exercise

Powerful exercises for a healthy back. With many small and simple exercises, the energy is led into deep spinal areas. The back becomes stronger and flexible the energy flows noticeable. With ongoing practice you choose exactly the exercises that can alleviate your own individual complaints. Many of these techniques are also feasible without a yoga mat.

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 12min

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 35min

energy exercise

Advanced Energy Techniques – Through breathing techniques, Bandhas and Mudras, a targeted activation of the autonomic nervous system takes place. The heartbeat is slowed down, the circulation in the entire organism, especially in the brain is improved. Latent powers and abilities are awakened. Paths into new areas of development become possible. This yoga practice is advanced, lasts 1 hour 35 minutes and ends as usual with musically accompanied Shivassana.

arm exercise

Exercises for hands, arms, shoulders and neck. The exercises strengthen the joints, arms, hands and fingers. They stimulate the heart activity and the entire upper body is improved in its general condition. The combination of maximum inhalation, breath hold and exhalation enables very good results and intensive experiences. Also this hour closes with a musical end-relaxation.

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 5min

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h

leg exercise

Exercises for feet and legs. Without tiring, all muscles, nerves and ligaments of the feet and legs are strengthened, joints are elastic and deformations counteracted. Athletes and those who are much on their feet, these exercises are especially recommended.

yoga journey

Journey through the yoga traditions. A selection of exercises that are very effective and usually vitalize the entire body. Yoga of energy, Tibetan home yoga and classical techniques. Very suitable for beginners, to harmonize the energies or just in between to give new impulses.

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 8min

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 1min

mantra yoga

To sing and to unfold and to live through one’s own voice is as old as speaking itself and can be found in all traditions and religions. Listening to spiritual music has a calming effect on one’s own being and harmonizes the energies in the body.
In this yoga class accompanied by Mantras and Heilieder you will be invited by simplicity, naturalness and depth into a space in which the consciousness can expand and healing can happen. Let yourself be carried and touched by gentle, heart-opening music.

fasting exercise

The energy exercises help fasting people to revitalize the abdominal organs and assist the intestine in its cleansing. They stimulate the circulation and give a lot of energy, which can be of great use especially in the first days of fasting. Yoga and fasting are an ideal combination. It is a holistic path of experience that leads to physical and spiritual cleansing.

preview video – full length of the yoga session: 1h 8min

book now

Conscious deep breath dissolves inner tightness & blockages

49 exercises systematically vitalize the whole body

Daily practice makes the body elastic & long lasting

All exercises are easy to perform and for all ages

Processes in the body are calmer and more systematic

free yoga session

Before you start the 9-part Sukshma Vyayama course, it makes sense to practice the Ajagari Introduction and the Free Yoga class to familiarize yourself with the intensive exercises. In particular, the Ajagari breathing can have a „stunning“ effect and should be practiced controlled. The modules of the main course build on it.

Ashagari Basics 15min

This video demonstrates Ashagari breathing, which forms the basis of Sukshma Vyayama Yoga. These breathing exercises should be practiced very consciously and prudently to achieve the optimal result. It’s best to start with this exercise right now, it lasts only 15 minutes and is the optimal introduction to Sukshma Vyayama Yoga.

Free Yoga Session 150min

Practice this two and a half hour power session with Stefan. It was recorded in the largest yoga center in Europe – Yoga Vidya Bad Meinberg. There Stefan also gives live seminars. Stefan explains the basics of Sukshma Vayama at the end of the lesson and answers questions. As always, the exercises are simple and very effective.